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Newspaper Seedling Pots

Posted by Erica on Mar 13, 2012 in seedling pots, seedlings, seeds

Newspaper Seedling PotsSustainable and biodegradable, newspaper pots for starting seedlings are easy and inexpensive too.  I bought my pot maker tool about 10 years  ago when they were only in the most obscure seed catalogs.  Now you can google “newspaper pot maker” and find lots of options.  They range from $12-$20 and well worth it.

Here is a picture tutorial for making the pots.  I usually make a few at a time while watching TV or chatting with family.  I can usually convince Violet to help out while she is watching a marathon of 30 Rock.

Full Sheet

Start with one half of a full sheet

Fold in half and tear along fold

Fold into thirds and tear along folds again

Repeat until you have a pile of strips to make into pots

Lay one strip on a hard surface and line the top of the narrow end to the top edge of your pot maker and roll it up

Should look like this now. This is the under side.

Now fold down the excess paper at the bottom and hold in place....

...and place the bottom part of the pot maker on folded edges and twist back and forth while pressing to crease the paper into place.

A typical seed tray will hold about 9 rows of 4 pots.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts in paper pots


Seedling Update

Posted by Erica on Mar 23, 2011 in seedlings, seeds
Heirloom Red Onions
A variety of greens planted on Valentines Day sprouting around Fall planted Garlic
Can you see their little purple leaves?

Other things sprouting:  broccoli, carrots, skullcap, gravel root, hyssop, witch hazel and brussel sprouts.


Look What Came in the Mail!

Posted by Erica on Mar 2, 2011 in medicinal herbs, seeds

seedsHorizon Herbs is my favorite medicinal herb supplier.  They provide detailed information about how to grow each plant from seed, growing conditions and common medicinal uses.  Many of the herbs I ordered this year require cold conditioning.  After seeds are planted, they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures in order to mimic the plant’s natural rhythm of casting seeds in the fall to over winter and sprout in the spring.  I have already started several seeds in the hoop house where they will be protected from hard rains and wind but will still experience minor freeze and thaw conditions.  By the time I am ready to start my veggies, the herbs will be ready to move to bigger pots or be transplanted to the garden.


Green Valentine

Posted by Erica on Feb 20, 2011 in gardening, lettuce, seeds, valentine's day

Have you planted your greens yet?  It’s time!  Every year on Valentine’s Day I sprinkle lettuce and spinach seeds in a few spots around the garden.  Even if the ground is covered with snow or ice, lettuce likes the cold and will sprout as soon as the ground softens. Sometimes I don’t quite get it done ON Valentines Day, but always within a week or so.  You can have multiple fresh crops of greens staggered throughout early summer by waiting a week or two between plantings.  This works better if your later season plantings are in  cool shady spots so that they will resist bolting.  Or, plan so that your last plantings of lettuce will grow under a larger veggie that will keep it cool and shaded.

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